Exim Internet Mailer

Download sites for Exim

Exim is available from a number of FTP sites. It may also be supplied on some GNU CDs or with other software distributions. Further information on the binary and OS distributions can be found in the Exim Wiki.If the mirrors do not work for you, you can download the tarballs from the origin.. If we published maintenance releases you can find the tarballs in the fixes directory

Exim Mirror Sites

A list of mirror sites is maintained within mirmon - see the links below for lists of mirrors and their current status:-

Verification of Downloads

All published tarballs are cryptographically signed with an OpenPGP implementation (such as GnuPG). The signatures are distributed alongside the tarballs. The signatures are created with keys belonging to the developers. The keys can be found in our maintainers keyring. (Please crosscheck these keys with keys you can find at other sources.)

The exim.org domain supports the WKD mechanism for OpenPGP key retrieval.

Mirroring Exim

If you are interested in running a mirror for exim, please look at Mirroring The Exim Website

Exim Git Repositories

If you prefer tracking our commits to the source tree directly via Git:

All releases get a signed Git tag.